• GERIALINE SOLUTIONS designs, manufactures and distributes systems rest and care accessories market.
  • We are manufacturers and we endorse the Health Manufacturer License granted by the Spanish Ministry of Health.
  • Our customers are healthcare professionals: orthopedics, nursing, health centers, home care, etc.
  • We have a wide enough catalog to find what you need and if not you try to get it.
  • In addition to the products listed on our website and catalog we can supply technical aids, furniture and seating.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us to request an estimate for installation, facilitate data from our distributors or outlets and answer questions they may have.

Camas Articuladas

Geria Completa

Camas con lecho articulado y patas, adecuadas para cualquier necesidad.

Camas con Elevación

Conjunto FULL GS

Sistemas tipo hospitalario, con articulación del lecho y elevación eléctrica.



Colchones y almohadas en espuma, viscoelástico y latex de primera calidad. Distintos modelos de fundas.

Accesorios y Confort

Kit madera

También contamos con un amplio catálogo de accesorios, mobiliario y productos para el hogar.

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